Where can I use this card?

Anywhere Mastercard* or Visa* is accepted worldwide! In-store, online, and even as a payment method for your favourite apps like Uber or DoorDash. *Refer to the logo on your card to determine which network your card is on.

How will I receive my tips or earnings?

Your tips will be loaded to your Today Card on a schedule decided by your manager. You will receive a text message as soon as funds have been loaded to your card!

Are there any added features with this card?

Yes, we have a few optional features, including e-Transfer and Bill Pay. Add any bill to the app and pay it off with your tips at no cost. You can also send money to another Today Card with Card to Card transfer. This feature is often used in businesses that do tip pooling among employees.


Can I take cash from an ATM?

Yes, we offer 2 free ATM withdrawals per month. Fees charged by the machine’s provider will still apply. See your Cardholder Agreement for limits and fees.

I see a Mastercard logo, is this a credit card?

No, this is a reloadable prepaid card. Funds must be available on the card before you can use it. Each time you use your card, the purchase amount is deducted from the available balance.

Now that my tips or earnings aren’t cash, can they be tracked by the government?

The card is not registered to your SIN, nor does it report anything to the government. 

What is an open-loop prepaid card?

Unlike a closed-loop prepaid card, which acts like a store gift card and can only be used at select locations, an open-loop card can be used anywhere that Mastercard® or Visa® is accepted.

How do I use a prepaid card?

If you’ve ever used a debit or credit card before, you know the drill: swipe, insert or tap your card to make a purchase at a terminal. When asked, select the credit option as the card type. Please ensure you have sufficient funds in the account plus any applicable fees related to the transaction.


If you’re using the card for an online purchase, you will have to enter your card information and some personal details, similar to making a credit card transaction. Please make sure the billing address you use matches the one in the Profile section in your app.

Can I reload my Today card?

Only your employer can load funds onto the card. Or if you make a return on a purchase, the funds will also be returned to your card.



How do I activate my card?

Your manager will invite you to download the app via SMS (text). Log in using your mobile number with the temporary password provided in the SMS (text) invitation. Create your own permanent password. If your phone supports the feature, you can set up fingerprint or face recognition to login. Activate your Today card by scanning the QR code or entering the 13-digit proxy number found on the back of your card. Your Today Card is now active and linked to your mobile account. You’ll start receiving deposits as soon as your employer is ready.


Where can I find my PIN and how can I use the tap feature?

Your PIN is available in the app once your card is activated. To find it, tap the ‘More’ button from the menu and then look for ‘My Card’. Once selected, you will be able to view your PIN and proxy number, suspend or unsuspend your card or activate a new card. You can not change your PIN, however, you can refer to it in the app any time. If your PIN is compromised, please suspend your card in the app and contact customer service. Your Today card is tab enabled to allow for contactless purchases. To activate the feature you need to insert your card and your PIN at a POS at least once.

Card Security

Once I enroll, how safe is my personal data?

Your personal information provided and transaction activity is 100% secure and will not be made available to any third parties. The personal information is used for internal company purposes only. This guarantees the improvement of services for the XTM network.


Are prepaid cards trustworthy?

Open-loop prepaid cards are the fastest growing form of electronic payment. All data is encrypted, so your payments are secure, and XTM inc will never give your details to a third-party company. Feel more confident if you misplace your card by locking your card in-app, anytime. You're also protected from fraud or unauthorized account use under Visa * or Mastercard’s* Zero Liability Protection. *Refer to the logo on your card to determine which network your card is on.

Card & Account Details

Can I use my prepaid card at gas stations?

Yes. Just remember to present the card to the station attendant rather than paying at the pump. This is because the machines at the pump often place a hold on the funds on prepaid cards.


What is Card to Card Transfer?

This feature allows you to move funds from your Today card to another Today card by simply entering in the proxy number found on the back of the card. See your Cardholder Agreement for information on fees.


Will I receive a statement?

Cardholders can review their current balance and transaction activity any time free of charge within the app.


What happens if I lose the card?

If you lose your card, you have the ability to suspend it in the app. Your funds will remain safe until you retrieve a new Today card from your manager. Your funds will be immediately transferred over to the new card once activated.


Do the funds on my card expire?

No. The money on your card is yours and does not expire. Your funds will always be available to you. The card itself does expire, you will need to get a new card from your manager before the expiration date. See the expiry listed on the front of your card. Once you activate a new card in the app, your funds will automatically be transferred to the new card. You app login will not be affected.


What happens if there are still funds available when my card expires?

If your card expiries, you can contact your manager for a new card. Your funds will be safe in your mobile wallet and you can still use the app features to move your money. Once you activate a new card, the balance will transfer over and you can start spending with the new card immediately. If you no longer work for an employer who is on the Today program, you can still use the app to pay bills and send e-transfers. If you need further assistance, contact customer service and we’d be happy to assist you in retrieving your funds.


I have funds available, why was my card declined?

Your card may have expired. Check the expiry date printed on the front of your card. Your remaining card balance may be less than the value of the item you wish to purchase. Some internet merchants use fraud protection software that may decline Visa or Mastercard prepaid card transactions.


Can my card ever have a negative balance?

No, your card will only authorize transactions if you have enough funds to cover the purchase.

What is a Pre-Authorization?

A pre-authorization means that a temporary hold is placed on a portion of your funds over and above the actual purchase amount. Examples of pre-authorizations are “Pay-at-the-pump” gas stations who usually pre-authorize $75.00 and restaurants who may pre-authorize up to 20% more than the amount of your bill. Car rental agencies will pre-authorize an amount substantially more than the actual rental fee as will hotels. Unused portions of pre-authorizations are returned when the merchant settles the transaction, usually within 3 days. During this time these funds will not be available to you to make additional purchases or ATM cash withdrawals. You should verify the merchant’s pre-authorization policy in advance to ensure that you will have sufficient funds to cover the purchase and any pre-authorization amount.

Can I spend more than the available balance on my card?

No. The transaction will be declined if the amount exceeds your available balance. Some merchants will allow you to “split” payment between the available balance on your card and cash. In some rare instances a merchant or processor may make a mistake when doing the daily settlement that may put your account into a negative balance. In this instance, XTM Inc assumes no liability and it is up to you to have the merchant correct the mistake and clear the negative balance.



What fees are associated with a prepaid credit card?

The program is virtually free. It can be used to make unlimited free online or in-store purchases. You can also pay bills for free! You will only pay a fee if you perform one of the following actions: Interac

e-Transfers, Card to Card Transfer, ATM Withdrawal or International Transaction is Foreign Currency. See the Cardholder Agreement for rates.


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