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The smart alternative to wires & cheques

An efficient alternative way to transfer money

ACH/EFT transfers deal with payroll, direct deposit, tax refunds, person-to-person payments, bill payments, etc. All you’ll need is customer authorization so that you can move money between bank accounts. Reduce your costs, gain predictability with your cash flow.

Cost effective & convenient transaction processing

Flexible payment management

Increase time savings with real-time money movement


We do all the heavy lifting

using this product


Pay your staff

For Today we implemented our ACH/EFT Transfers to provide bulk instant pay to their cardholders.


Bulk commission loads

Optiom Employers disburse rewards and commissions in bulk transfers using ACH/EFT.

Already have a financial system? Add our APIs.

Use our APIs to add this feature to your existing app, portal or webpage. With our white-labeled UI, you can customize payment flow, as well as logo and branding elements.

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Ready for a simple future?

Let’s get started.

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