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Spend time chasing business, 
not payments

A powerful tool for healthy cash flow in your businesses

PADs are a convenient way to make payments automatically. Instead of waiting for customers to send a payment, a business is given permission to debit a customer’s bank account when payments are due. We use this feature for programs on our platform so we don’t need chase business owners for payments. They set the terms, allowing us to pull corporate funds weekly, monthly, or daily, then deposit it onto the cards.


Gain predictability with recurring payments

Eliminate customer payment delays

Reduce time spend on administrative tasks


We do all the heavy lifting

Client using this product


Keep payments consisent

Supercuts uses our refined PAD agreement to distribute tips to their employees. With consistent funding from management these automatic payments become one less task for administration. Saving time to focus on other tasks!

Already have a financial system? Add our APIs.

Use our APIs to add this feature to your existing app, portal or webpage. With our white-labeled UI, you can customize payment flow, as well as logo and branding elements.

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Ready for a simple future?

Let’s get started.

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