XTM Inc.



Who we are

We acquired, developed, and integrated solutions for businesses of every size, including Challenger Banks, Credit Unions, Consumers & Governments. Our goal is to disrupt traditional banking with our white labeled mobile wallet, branded Visa and Mastercard solutions, and refined platform. 

We created a targeted customer acquisition strategy that is quick & economic. Our most important weapon is establishing relationships with connected communities already segmented by industry, trade, or customer type. We work to de-clutter the financial complexities of your business. 

We come to work ready to...

Act like an owner

Think like an owner

Improve like an owner

Move like an owner

Why XTM?

We're a company that provides practical payment solutions, consistently & efficiently. Think you've got a problem we can solve? Let's collaborate! 


Go-to innovator and market for customized payment ecosystems.


Create growth and opportunity for best-in-class business.

Meet our team of leaders & innovators

Marilyn Schaffer


Dan Tyler


Our team is filled with passionate individuals who put their best resources forward. Everyone carries their own diverse backgrounds whether it’s professional, financial, or creative based experiences. Our office culture is solution based, collaborative, with a hustle-oriented attitude. Our weekly team meetings are meant for transparency, improvement, communication, and sometimes gourmet doughnuts.

Chad Arthur


Jocelynn Hawkins

SVP, Product

Dylan Erlendson

VP, Sales - Hospitality

Keeya Nunes

VP, Brand Marketing

Jessika Cabral

Compliance Officer 


Radoin Zaari

Business Analyst & Customer Care

Christina Ferris

Project Director

Trupti Atre

Manager, Finance

Jade Hunka

Manager, Business Relationships & Product

Daniella Beca

Manager, Sales Operations

Keerththana Ramakrishnan

Coordinator, Social & Design

Brady Ibanez

Back End Developer

Tonya Chung

Front End Developer

Dennis Phetsomphou

Back End Developer

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